5 tips for working with electric fireplace manufacturer in China

Getting known your new suppliers for the first time is a rather important part of the sourcing process. You may have visited the factories, however, you could not get all the information at once.

Here are 5 tips to get known their qualification If you are ready to work with electric fireplace factories in China. By this way, you can get a real feel for the people you might be working with in the near future.

Tip 1 check factories audit history

An important way to know their qualification.

In the fireplace industry, the main market is DIY stores in Europe, Supermarkets in North & South America, and other online stores around the world. The factory will have some factory audit for their customer, such as BSCI, smeta and Homedepot audit.

If they have these audits, it tells they have much experience in this field. You could skip your own factory audit also.

If not, I think you need further check their qualification.

Tip 2: Make a list of quality requirements before production.

Factories have many customers, and they offer higher quality products if you have own quality standards. This is a very crucial way to confirm both sides at the same degree.

Sample testing and signed sample are advised for the first cooperation.

Tip 3: Know the organization structure

Getting known the factory organization structure can help you understand the whole company system. You may tell the following from organization structure.

What service they offer

Quality Level

Product development

Tip 4: Renovation

This is a very crucial way for your market. It’s essential to have something new for the markets.

Electric fireplace has few designs, and the cost is rather transparent now. It’s an important way to expand your market.

Tip 5: Work with them as friends.

It may be very weird for most of you. In China, business is not just business, everything is connected with the relationship. If you can be friends with factory boss, you will get more than you should have.

Whether you are a veteran or novice working with factories in China, these are all things on your list to make things in an effective way.

Do you have any other tips for working with suppliers in China? Share them in the comments below!

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