Once at a party, an American customer & friend complained: “ Crusoe, we have lots of problems with our electric fireplace suppliers, and these problems are also common in the industry. And the worse part is we have no idea how to fix this.”  

They bought from Northern China. High costs, lots of complaints, long lead time, leads to brand loss, less market competitiveness, financial pressure.

After talking all night, he decided to support me to open a factory in southern China to solve these problems. 

Focus on shortening delivery time, improving quality. Our customers become more competitive and more orders from them. Our clients are very satisfied with our current manufacturing facilities and quality, and also give professional advice to make us better.


All our products are CSA, CE, CB certified, and factory with BSCI audited. 

Full Production Equipment:

-Metal Workshop: CNC, 3 Folding machines, 35 puching machines,6 welding machines

-Tooling Workshop: 3 CNC machine, driling machines, miling machine, plathing machines.



                                                                  Crusoe. YGM of MC Decor Home


Buy Electric Fireplace From Us


A team engineers and technical staff to turn ideas into reality


Smart production keeps us lower cost and shorter leadtime.



All Products are CSA (USA & Canada) certified.


100% inspection for electrical parts, Zero defectives tollerance.

We focus on OEM & ODM Manfacturing of electric fireplaces. And dedicated to innovation on better flames and more energy saving technology.

You will find lots of lovely ones in our team, and ready to help you solve problems. Love to meet you soon!

There are 4 workshops in our factory -Metal workshop, injection workshop, tooling workshop, and assembling dept.

Welcome to visit our factory!  And you will find the passion of MC team, and local culture of this manufacturer garden city.

“Keep it simple and easy always! We are the best partners. And both of us will be better in this cooperation. Thank you!”


Paul Cheun, US.