How YC Ensure the Quality of electric fireplace?

Everytime, I was asked by the new customers with same question: how do you ensure the quality of production?

Everytime, I was asked by the new customers with same question: how do you ensure the quality of production?

Today, I will make it clear with some key points about how to produce high quality fireplaces.

First of all, Imcoming material inspection is the key process before fireplace production. Here is our inspection details.

-Fan Heater: 100% Inspection

-PCBA Parts: 100% Inspection

-Motor: 100% Inspection

-Housing Parts: 20%-40% Inspection / batch

-Crystal, Flame sheet, logset and other parts 20-30% Inspection

Second, First Article Inspection is very important for production preparation.

We will assemble 1 or 2 pcs production samples, and confirm and do inspection at a first article evaluation meeting. 

We will confirm the test standards, quality check or the special quality standards from client side, assembly steps, and all other details in this meeting. And get all problems fixed before production. 

Third, pilot run is small scale production for mass production, and we produce 50-500 pcs to check the production process according to different order qty, quality check, manufacturing process check and other unexpection things.

In this phase, engineerings, quality staff, sales, clients will be at the scene to confirm everything in detail. 

If pilot run goes smoothly, we will arrange the production according to the schedule. If it doesn’t, we arrange a meeting with related department to analyze and make a correction plan until everything is confirmed ok.

Fourth, mass production is after pilot run.

Every operation is confimed in pilot run, we can not change without our customers’ approval. 

Usally, every workers will check the quality of their own parts.

3-4 in-line qc staff for key position for one line

-100% Flame light and log light checking

-100% Safty Test (leakage, overloading, insulation, grounding, power, lower pressure start-up)

-100% Function inspection/Power Inspection 

-100% Apperance Inspection

One Patrol qc staff will inspection every steps of production line, and one finished product qc will check the product quality in the spection room daily. 

Finally, the products will enter warehouse. And we will inspect the finish products before shipment to make sure every fireplaces is perfect.

So we inspect from parts to finished product to mark sure our products meet our customers requirements. That’s how we ensure the quality of our electric fireplace. 

Below is the flow chart of quality control in details.

If you have different ideas or thoughts, please do let us know. Hope we can have a furnther discussion on electric fireplaces.


Phoebe Sum

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